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Pretreatment technological characteristics for sunflower oil

(1)This workshop process using the international advanced technology, equipments are all use domestic mature equipment.

(2)This process is the pre-treatment workshop of oil processing, processing sunflower seed, mainly divided into cleaning, shelling, kernel and shell separation, flaking, pressing and other processes.

(3)Workshop layout strive to scientific and reasonable, easy to operate equipment, reduce the principle of investment in equipment, clean-up and shelling separation process using layered arrangements to reduce the transmission equipment and unnecessary power consumption.

(4)Workshop distribution system centralized layout, and set up the control box in the appropriate location, easy to disperse operation and control.

(5)Equipment selection are with the principles of advanced & reliable, fully considering the lower operating costs, horizontal and vertical transmission using scraper conveyor, these equipment operate smoothly with low noise, no dust leakage; MC export type scraper selection, not only solved a machine to complete Horizontal and vertical transport problems, while reducing the power consumption, failure rate decreased.

(6)Shelling with sunflower seed special shelling machine to reduce the production of power consumption, reduce production costs.

(7)The separation of the shell and kernel use vibrating flat screen improves the effect of the separation, and ensures the economic index of the kernel and the adjustableness of the shell in the kernel.

(8)The use of flaking mill can destroy the oil cells effectively, improve the effect of steaming and oil extraction efficiency.

(9)Pretreatment workshop using suction dust removal device, which creats a certain negative pressure in the equipment, reducing the dust flying effectively, and ensure the workshop production environment.

(10)Place the manholes and gripping holes in the proper position of the material slip tube and reserve the movable cover in the easy-to-hold slip pipe position.

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